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November 2019 is Skills month

Skills, like communication, academic or lab skills, are incorporated in many teaching courses. For students, practicing these skills is an important part of the programme and vital preparation for their careers. By using online tools teachers can help all of their students to practice these skills. That is why Educate-it organises the month of the Skills.

With these tools, students can practice their skills digitally in a secure and familiar environment, as often as they want or need. Students receive the feedback they need to develop their skills from the tool itself or digitally from their teachers and peers. This provides students an important opportunity to practice their skills before they have to use them in their classes or careers.

Offer for teachers

Teachers interested in learning about skills and the best ways to use them in education will be invited to take part in various workshops and IT tools. A comprehensive list of our offerings can be found on the Month of the Skills page.

Are you interested in skills but too busy right now to take part in any of our activities? The next Month of the Skills is in April 2020. Naturally, the online training courses are available year-round and you can always get in touch with us to get the support you need. Next month, our theme will be Knowledge clips.