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Autumn Festival TLL

Join the Autumn Festival of the Teaching & learning Lab on Friday, November 22, 2019, in Utrecht Science Park. The Autumn Festival is aimed at everyone involved in the innovation and improvement in secondary and higher education.

You can take part in workshops, making and listening sessions on, among other things, activating work forms, blended learning, and active learning spaces. Solve an educational puzzle box and experience how you can use it in education or make one yourself, or escape from an escape room. There will be two round of workshops, at the start and the end of the afternoon.

In between the workshops, three speakers will share their visions on the digitalization of education. José van Dijck, distinguished university professor media and digital society will kick-off with her ideas about the Googlification of the university. Subsequently, educational scientist Casper Hulshof will present a critical view on online education. Jan Haarhuis, head of the Educate-it program for blended learning will close the plenary session by showing the practical implications of digitalization for universities.

More information on the Programme and registration